About us

About us: Who are we? What do we do? Where you can find us?

Who are we?

Penya Ciclista Ribera d’Ebre was founded in 1984.

You can read our history and see the memories of our activities that we have organized over the years look at “Història” and “Memòries” in the main menu of our web page.

We organize and collaborate in many cycling events.

Our members, around 180, road cyclists and mountain bikers, participate in races and non-competitive events in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and even in other countries. Recently we have members participating in down hilling.

Our objective is to get together cycle lovers who want to share rides on roads, country and mountain tracksand explore new places in good company and to have fun.

You can find us on most social networkssuch as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we have a channel on Youtube.

What do we do?

Our privileged situation allows us a lot of choices to ride on road or MTB. We organize the following rides and events that are published in “Sortides” in the main menu of our web page

MTB Rides

Every Sunday and Festive days.

We meet in Mórad’Ebre, Avinguda de Les Comarques Catalanes, next to the old brigde at 09.00 winter, 08.30 summer. We have three levels and you can choose the best according to your physical condition and ability.

“Awayday” MTB Rides.

Approximately once a month we go by car to explore another area, published on our website, “Sortides Programades”.

Road Rides.

We frequently organize road cycle trips, sometimes these rides have vehicle support.

Enduro Rides

If you want to discover all the pathways come and enjoy with us. Now in Móra d’Ebre we have an extensive network of trails, many of them adapted for mountain biking-enduro descents. If you want more information, you can visit the Endumóra section of this website.

Other Events

In August, Móra d’Ebre celebrates its Festa Major and we organize two events, a MTB ride, with two routes and refreshmentsen route and a popular guided cycle ride through the town for families and people of all ages.  You can even have fancy dress for you and your bike!

On the first Sunday of October is the Pujada a Cardó. It is a time trial that starts in Rasquera and finishes at the old watering place of Cardó. The route is 9 kilometers with nearly 300 meters of climbing.

In December to say goodbye to the year we organize the MTB Pujada to the Santa Magdalena hermitage. This is for club members only.

We are also committed to help at other charity events.  In the village of El Masroig we organize a MTB ride at the Fira del Vi Solidari de El Masroig and another MTB ride for the organization Matem lo Bitxo. Both events raise money for child cancer research. Also we colaborate with La Marató which raise money for investigation. See this activities here.

Where you can find us?

Móra d’Ebre is the capital of Ribera d’Ebre region. It is to 62 kilometers from Tarragona. Our activities are concentrated here but we collaborate with other villages in the region.

The Ribera d’Ebre

For road rides, the region of Ribera d’Ebre has a network of quiet roads, with little traffic which allows us to ride close to the Ebro river which you can cross on the unique ferry boats peculiar to this region.  These can be found close to the villages of Flix, Garcia and Miravet.

The castle of Miravet is one of the most visited places of the Ribera d’Ebre. You can arrive by road and paths and from the castle see beautiful views above the Ebro river and the region.

If you like rides with more climbing, you can ride from the village of Rasquera up to the old health resort of Cardó, which was closed in 1965.

Also you can climb to Llaberia, starting from the village of Tivissa.

When the fruit and almond trees are in blossom, the fields are a patchwork of many shades of pink and white. This time of year is called La Ribera en Flor, and organized events, walks and cycle tours are arranged to see this spectacle of nature.

The MTB rides in this region are infinite, made possible by clubs, groups and races organizers which have enabled and recovered old paths which take you to discover some beautiful places.

The path of long distance GR99, Camino Natural del Ebro, crosses the region from north to south. Here this path is known as a Cami de Sirga. From Riba-roja d’Ebre, it goes to the Reserva Natural de Sebes, in Flix  a highly diverse habitat with wetlands, riverside forests and river islands.

The GR99 goes alongside the river by the villages of Ascó, García, Móra d’Ebre, Benissanet and leaves the region in Miravet in direction of the Pas de Barrufemes and into the neighbouringregion of Baix Ebre.

If this not is enough and you would like even more to enjoy, we are also close to the regions of Terra Alta and Priorat.

The Terra Alta

Yet again these roads are quiet and you get to know their villages using routes with beautiful natural views, always surrounded by almond trees, olive trees and vineyards.

In this region you are going to find places which had a great significance during the Spanish Civil War. One of these places is the Poble vell de Corbera d’Ebre, which was destroyed during the war and today is testimony to that sad episode in our history.

You will also visit other places which are testimony to one of the most important battles of the war, the Batalla de l’Ebre (Ebro Battle).

The routes of the Terra Alta also offer you the possibility to visit buildings with an important architectural value. These are the agricultural cooperatives of Gandesa and El Pinell de Brai, both were designed by the architect Cèsar Martinell, a student of Antoni Gaudi.

It is also interesting go to Horta de Sant Joan situated near to Els Ports. In this village the painter Pablo Picasso lived for two summers and it was the inspiration for some of his artwork.

The Terra Alta also offers you a lot of MTB routes. Routes between vineyards close to the Parc Natural dels Ports (Natural Park) bordered by the villages of Horta de Sant Joan, Arnes and Prat de Comte.

A more relaxing route is the Via Verda de La Vall de Zafan (green way) from Arnes to El Pinell de Brai, a 23 kilometer route which passes by La Fontcalda. In this hermitage there is a natural spring in which the water comes out at a constant 28 Celsius (82ºF).

The Priorat.

The Priorat has evenmore tortuous, quiet and windy roads. On these routes you can always see the majestic Serra del Montsant, between vineyards planted in “llicorella” terraces,  a type of characteristic stone of this region.

Both road and MTB rides can combine visiting many cellars for wine tasting.

The Priorat also has two Cooperatives designed by Cèsar Martinell. These are located in Falset and Cornudella del Montsant.

One of the places more characteristic of the Priorat is the Cartoixa d’Escaladei, a monastery founded in the XII century belonging to the village of La Morera del Montsant.

By road cycle you can reach the village of Siurana, located at 737 meters altitude which belongs to the village of Cornudella del Montsant. From here you can see the amazing views above the Serra del Montsant, Muntanyes de Prades and the reservoir at the bottom of the valley.

Another option is to tour the many beautifuland tranquil hermitages of the region.

We hope you have an insight into our activities and our region. We invite you to come and ride with us and ENJOY!

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